Premium Car Service

Complimentary for this Service:
  • Free 24/7 National roadside assistance (Flat battery, Flat tyre, Locked out of car, Emergency fuel, Break down towing)
  • Free child restraint fitting (Child Safety Seat fitting)
  • Free Car Interior/Exterior cleaning, vacuuming
  • Free Pick up and drop off service (Condition apply) *
  • Free Uber courtesy ridesharing service (Condition apply) *
  • Same day service unless Major service or repair
  • Follow up check and service reminder
  • 30% discount for air conditioning re-gas (R134a gas only)
  • 30% discount for car camera and radar calibration
  • 30% discount for car polishing (Only at our workshop)
  • 50% discount for labour cost if the car breaks down and it needs to be repaired before next service.

We designed this service for caring and maintaining of our customer’s car throughout its service life. For this service, we only use genuine parts and oil which is recommended by car manufacturer. We do follow up check and provide feedback for our customers if there are any issues in their car before its next service due. We will fix their cars at half price (Labour only) if they need to repair it before next service.

(Call us for free quote, No quote-no service, no authorisation-no repair)

This service is suitable for less than 10 years old cars and may not be available for all brands. Please call us for more information.

This service includes:
  • Engine oil and oil filter change
  • Air filter clean or replace if necessary
  • Pollan filter replace if necessary
  • All fluid level check and top up if necessary
  • Brake system check and report
  • Parking brake adjustment if necessary
  • Air conditioning system check and report
  • Transmission (Gear box) performance check and report
  • Differential (Diff.) system check and report
  • Car Electrical system check by computer and report
  • Fuel system check and report
  • Battery condition check and report
  • Cooling system check and report
  • Exhaust system check and report
  • Wheel balance, rotate tyre and tyre pressure check
  • Steering and suspension system check and report
  • 100-point vehicle safety check
  • Road test