One-Stop Service For Nonstop People

Premium Service For Volkswagen, Audi and Toyota Cars

People, you are busy professionals; you don’t have time to muck around to waste time, back-and-forth for mechanics, having to take time off from work and not knowing when the car is ready.

So we have started a premium car service for you that includes all the assistance you demand from your mechanics. We ensure you get your car back on time with the least amount of disruptions to your daily routine.

  • High-quality service
  • Drop off and pick up service for your car
  • Courtesy car or rideshare service for you
  • Mobile car service- we come to you
  • Emergency Repair: priority repair service
  • Follow up service and service reminder
  • Service guarantee
  • 24/7 national roadside assist
  • Car detailing on service
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What happens if you are a busy person but you have an unreliable car?

  • Interruption to your routine when things go wrong
  • Disruption
  • The hassle of been having to book a service you can’t get ends for 3 days. You have to re-organise your work schedule
  • You will feel embarrassed and humiliated if your car breaks down before the next service and get stuck on the road.

What can happen if you are a busy person, but you have a reliable and trustworthy mechanic to look after your car for you

  • You can trust your car
  • You won’t have more disruptions
  • You will have fewer breakdowns
  • You don’t have to worry about feeling embarrassment
  • You can get your appointment on time
  • No delay in sitting on the road with break down car on the road
  • Get put top on the priority in the queue

Our peace of mind premium service provides you with a hassle-free option at a set price. Saving you time, get on with your day and leave all the time stress to us.

  • Engine oil change, oil filter replacement, air filter replacement, pollen filter replacement,
  • All fluids level check and top up if needed, brake system check and hand brake adjustment if necessary, air conditioning system performance evaluation and report,
  • Battery test and report, tyre balance and rotation, vehicle safety check and road test.
  • You’ll get guaranteed service for 10,000/15,000km or 6/12 months, whichever comes first throughout your car service life after servicing it with us.
  • Our experienced and talented mechanic will thoroughly assess your car’s mechanical and other conditions before accepting it for service and it’s free.
  • Your car will be well looked after throughout its service life as we provide follow-up service every 3 months in your preferred location within 20km from our workshop.
  • We come to you, or you can come to our workshop during business hours. It’s free, but you need to book in advance.
  • You’ll get a roadworthy certificate for your car if you want to sell it before the next service. It’s free, but it won’t cover if you have accidental or intentional damage to your car.
  • You also need to provide valid documents that you are selling the car.  

As our valued customers, we will provide you with a service that you may need an emergency repair anytime throughout your car service life. We will give you a preference to book a service or repair your car, even if we are fully booked for the day, by extending our working hours. We won’t let you down.

If you are stuck anywhere in Australia because of your car, you will have our 24/7/365 support with free national roadside assistance, including a 20km tow away service. Our preferred service provider is RACV. 

Your car will be professionally cleaned and washed by our professional detailers. This service is only available when you book your car for service.

You can request our free drop off and pick service within 20 km from our workshop if you are busy with office, business, or other family commitments.

Your journey won’t disrupt or stop if your car needs to be kept overnight at our workshop for major mechanical repair. You’ll get a free courtesy car until your car fixes.

Unsure if you are qualified to give us a call, we help you anyway.

This is the service one-stop service for nonstop people. Click the button below to book with our receptionist now.