Premium Car Service

Premium Car Service Keysborough

Complimentary for this Service:

  • 24/7 Free National Roadside Assistance (Flat battery, flat tyre, locked out of car, emergency fuel, break down towing)
  • Seven (7) Days (8.00 am – 5.00 pm) workshop access for emergency repair

Labour cost free services:

  • Child Restraint Fittings (Child safety seat)
  • Tyre puncture repair 
  • Brake pads replacement 
  • Fuel filter replacement 
  • Battery replacement 
  • Brake fluid flush 
  • Coolant system flush 
  • Power steering fluid flush
  • Car interior/exterior cleaning/Vacuuming
  • Courtesy uber ride sharing service (Coming and going home/Nearby public transport station)
  • Courtesy car if repairing work takes more than we originally promise
  • Follow up car condition check (We come to you) every 3 months until next service

Discounted services:

  • 30% discount for auto air conditioning re-gas (Normal charge start from $150.00)
  • 30% discount car polishing/wax removing (Normal charge is $300.00)
  • 40% discount for car camera calibration (Normal charge is $250.00)
  • 50% discount for labour cost if car breaks down and it needs urgent repair before next service and
  • Service reminder for next service 
Payment Plan Is Available At Our Workshop


We designed premium car service for caring and maintaining of our customer’s vehicle throughout its service life. 

Why we started this service:

The reason to start this service is to fill the gaps between customer and service provider. Our intention is to provide the best quality service to our customers as well as ensuring their safety while they are in the driver seat.  

The Fact behind starting this service:

As we know, there are more than 5 thousand automotive workshops in Victoria. They are all providing the same perceived service as we are providing, such as car service, car repair and so on. They are claiming they are the best service providers providing quality service, but as soon as you start getting your vehicle serviced with them, you only end up experiencing frustration and regret.

We had similar experiences ourselves, like you may have had, before starting our own workshop.

This service includes: Parts 

We Only Use Manufacturer Recommended Genuine Parts 

  •  Engine oil and oil filter change
  •  Air filter change if necessary
  •  Pollan (Air conditioning) filter change if necessary
  •  All fluids (Coolant, Brake, Power steering) top up
  •  Transmission and gear oil change if necessary
  •  Differential (Diff.) oil change if necessary
  • Light bulbs change if necessary (Except low and high beam)

System and components check and test for this service:

  • Brake system check and report
  • Park brake adjustment if necessary
  • Air conditioning system check and report
  • Fuel system check and report
  • Battery condition test and report
  • Exhaust system check and report
  • Cooling system check and report
  • Transmission performance test and report
  • Electrical system check and report
  • Rotate tyre, balance tyre and tyre pressure check
  • Steering system check and report
  • Complete vehicle safety check
  • Road test