Are you fitting child safety seats correctly?

We help you to fit your child safety seat (Australian Standard AS/NZS 1724):

  • Rearward facing baby seat- birth to 6 months
  • Forward facing restraints- 6 months to 4 years
  • Booster seats- 4 years to 7 years
  • Adult seat belts- older than 7 years (depending on heights)

Our expert technician will help you to fit your child seat by checking local and national child restraint rules and regulations, so you will feel safe and comfortable while you are in the driver seat.

NEVER install a rearward facing restraint where there is an active front passenger airbag due to the high risk of injury.


  • Only buy Australian Standard AS/NZS 1754 child seat
  • Only buy seat which is suitable for your children
  • Only buy seat which has the safety rating
  • Professional installation
  • Regular check the seat and adjust as children grow.

More details information you can contact us.