Car Repair Keysborough


Car repair Keysborough helps you to fix:

  • Your car’s cooling system diagnosis and repair
  • Brake system service and repair
  • Exhaust system diagnosis and repair
  • Timing belt replacement and adjustment
  • Clutch replacement
  • General auto electrical system repair
  • Automatic transmissions/Manual Gearbox system diagnosis and repair
  • Differential (Diff.), service and repair
  • Steering and suspension system repair
  • Roadworthy repair and many more…

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What should you know about your car?

As you know, your car is one of the essential parts of everyday life. It makes our life easier if we regularly maintain and service it.

However, if we do not take care of it properly and do not maintain it regularly, it can give you a big headache and impact your family budget. 

So, preventive maintenance service minimises the risk of premature failure of mechanical components resulting in breakdowns. In addition, it maximises fuel efficiency, extends engine life and increases your car’s resale value.

This service includes:
– Vehicle service history check and fix it up if any service missed out and
– Engine performance check and evaluate its conditions and report
– Transmission (Gearbox) condition check and service if necessary
– Differential (Diff.) condition check and service if necessary
– Brake system check and repair if necessary
– Hand brake adjustment if necessary and
– Cooling system check and system flush if necessary