Car Service Keysborough Victoria

Essential Car Service

Why car Service is Important

Car service Keysborough Victoria by 7S Auto Repair helps maintain and service the car that builds up your confidence and makes you feel safe while in the driver’s seat. It will increase your car’s engine life as well as resale value. To keep your vehicle safe and reliable, we recommend essential car service. It is the best service for your vehicle’s ongoing maintenance, including new cars and European models.

What we do for this service

Our expert mechanics will thoroughly check and service your car. We will provide feedback on what needs to be done on your car in the future to keep you safe on the road and maintain your vehicle’s reliability.

This Car Service includes

  • Complete vehicle safety check 
  • Engine oil change
  • Oil filter replace
  • Air filter replace if necessary
  • Air conditioning filter clean
  • Battery condition test and report
  • Parking brake adjust if necessary
  • Brake system check and report
  • Electrical system check by computer
  • Cooling system check and report
  • Exhaust system check and report
  • All fluid level check and top up if necessary
  • Tyre rotate, balance and pressure check
  • Transmission and gearbox performance check and report
  • All lights bulb check and replace if necessary*
  • Wiper blades check and replace if necessary*
  • Road test and report

#Complimentary general car cleaning service included

*Term and condition apply

Remember to check at least once a week

  • Seatbelts – check tension and belt buckle operation
  • External Lights – replace bulbs if necessary
  • Handbrake – ensure that it can hold the vehicle on a slope
  • Windscreens & mirrors – check windscreens and mirrors for cracks
  • Windscreen wipers – check wear on wiper blades, replace if necessary
  • Horn – ensure this works
  • Fluids – check engine oil and engine coolant levels
  • Tyres – ensure tyres are at the correct pressures, check the treadwear
  • Spare tyre & jack – ensure they are operational, check toolkit

Spending a small amount of time to look after your car can make a significant difference in your everyday life, “Saving life, time and money.”