Keysborough car repair
Mechanical Diagnosis at 7S Auto Repair and Services Keysborough

Why you need a mechanical repair:

Whether you drive a new car or old of any brand, mechanical components can fail at any time, even if you take care of it regularly. You need to repair or replace those components if any fail.

Symptoms Of Mechanical Failure or Problems;

  • Difficult to start engine
  • Excessive vibrations
  • Loss engine power
  • Making strange noises
  • Engine running roughly
  • Sluggish acceleration
  • Black/blue/white smoke coming from tailpipe
Electricla system repair Keysborough
Electrical System Diagnosis and Repair at 7S Auto Repair Keysborough

Why you need to check electrical components:

Your car may not stop completely and also you may not see any visible warning signs on your car’s dashboard. However, when you start driving a car, you feel uncomfortable as it does not run smoothly. The car also loses its original power even if you put the accelerator pedal on the floor. 

Symptoms of failure electrical components and sensors;

  • Difficult to start engine
  • Excessive fuel consumption and engine knock
  • Bad smell, rough engine idle, misfires, 
  • Loss of power, hesitation or stalling
  • Engine warning light stays on after starting the car

We repair and service:  Mechanical Components

  • Engine;  Timing belt, timing chain, water pump, rocker cover gasket, oil pump, sum pan
  • Brakes;  Brake pads, shoes, machine disc rotor and drums, brake calipers, ABS and hand brake adjustments
  • Steering and suspension;  Rack and pinion, rubber bushes, ball joint, wheel bearing, hubs, shock absorbers and spring
  • Exhaust system;  Exhaust pipe, Catalytic converter, DPF filter re-generation, EGR valve
  • Cooling System;  Coolant flush, pressure test, thermostat, heater and radiator 
  • Transmission;  Automatic/manual gear box service and clutch replacements

We Diagnose and Test:  Electrical Components

  • Sensers;  Oxygen (Lamda), Mass air flow (MAF), Engine speed, Coolant temperature, Fuel temperature, Spark knock, Voltage, Manifold absolute pressure (MAF) functionality test
  • Starter Motor;  Functionality test and replace
  • Alternator and Battery;  Functionality test and replace
  • Car Camera Calibration;  Front, side, rear and 360 degree
  • Car Radar Calibration;  Adaptive cruise control, radar
  • Sensor Functionality;  Test and diagnosis by scan tool
  • Voltage and Current; Test and diagnosis by oscilloscope 
  • Air Conditioning Components;  Voltage, current and signal test
  • Ignition system components; Voltage, current and signal test

Customer and community safety is our number one priority. It is also part of our business’s core values. We take care of our valued customers car like our own. We try to minimise repairing cost without compromising vehicle’s manufacturer standards and safety.