Essential car service

Regular maintaining and servicing your car help to build up your confidence and feel safe while you are on the driver seat. It will increase your car’s engine life as well as increase resale value. Our highly skilful and experienced mechanic will thoroughly check and service your car. They will also provide you with feedback of what needs to be done on your car in the future to keep you safe on the road and maintain your vehicle’s reliability.

 This service includes:

  • 100-point vehicle safety check
  • ECU health check by scan tool
  • Manufacturer recommended engine oil change
  • Oil filter change
  • Air filter change if required
  • Air conditioning filter clean or replace
  • Battery condition test
  • Parking brake adjustment if necessary
  • Cooling, brake and exhaust system check
  • All fluid level check and top up
  • Tyre rotating, balancing and pressure check
  • Road test and performance evaluation
  • Complimentary general car cleaning

Automotive Air Conditioning Repair and Service

We are an authorised service provider for automotive air conditioning system accredited by Australian Refrigeration council (ARC Reg. No AU45860).

This service includes:

  • Air conditioning repair and service
  • Re-gas
  • System performance evaluation and report
  • Complimentary odour treatment


We are an authorised log book service provider which means that bringing your vehicle to us won’t affect your vehicle’s warranty. Our mechanics are professional trained to perform, repair and service your car as per manufacturer standards.

This service includes:

  • 100-point vehicle safety check
  • ECU health check by scan tool
  • Replace genuine parts which are the same as dealers
  • Strictly follow vehicle log book instructions
  • Stamp and sign on your log book
  • Complimentary general car cleaning

*This service is suitable for cars which are still under manufacturer warranty.

Mechanical Repair

We are in the automotive industry nearly 10 years, so we have an extensive knowledge about cars. We know how to minimise repair expenses without compromising vehicle’s manufacturer standards and safety. We are a family owned and operated business, so we try to fix our valued customer’s car like our own.

We repair:

  • Cooling, brake and Exhaust system
  • Timing belt replacement and adjustment
  • Clutch replacement and auto electricla system
  • Automatic Transmissions/Manual Gear box
  • Differential (Diff.), steering and suspension
  • Roadworthy